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99 Facets of Love

The 99-facet proprietary diamond cut is reflecting modern women’s adjustment to their multi-tasking roles. It caters to them adapting to evolving trends and expresses buyers’ ardent love for diamonds. It also answers to demand in the traditional marriage market.


Made to be A Couple, ‘Entwined Fiery Hearts’™

The Athena ® cut is bestowed with absolute unique properties.

The culet reflects twice and exactly in the middle of each half circle, heralding the the love of two hearts.

‘Entwined Fiery Hearts’™ express ardent reciprocal love.

Brilliance is experienced from all angles.

Unique Shape, Rare Appearance

Unlike the 57-58 facets of traditional round, Athena ® Cut boasts 99 perfect facets.
The exquisite design enables the diamond to reflect light completely, and thus shines incomparably.

What’s more, the amazing image of ‘Entwined Fiery Hearts’ ™ visible to naked eyes represents the start of ‘dual-core’ era in diamond cutting.
It’s highly recognizable among crowds and enjoys unique brand mark. That’s an excellent show of its unique value and beauty.

Pure Pedigree, Classical Inheritance

Polished in Antwerp, the Athena ® cut it is the best ambassador of  diamond cutting techniques. It is the height for a diamond polisher to reach. It is recognized by the industry in Antwerp, where world’s best diamond cutters spare no effort in creating the top quality diamond to beautify the world.

Since 1875, the De Belder family and its ancestors have been uninterruptedly involved in diamond business, trading in millions of carats of diamond every year and retaining their eminent and brilliant reputation in the trade. They are renown for trust and for quality.

Selected Source, Strict Quality

The providers of the Athena ® cut attach great importance to rough sourcing, only best in its class is selected to be cut and presented.

In selection, cutting and polishing of rough, every Athena ® Cut diamond has its unique identity and every detail in the process answers to the unwavering pursuit of perfection. This constitutes the perfect journey for a perfect Athena ® diamond.

With it's 99 facets, the Athena Diamond reflects light like no other diamond

Master Cut

Athena ® Cut was developed by Matrix Diamond Technology. As a long-term partner of the De Belder family and focused on cutting landmark diamonds, Matrix has provided services to Dubai based Nemesis and Graff Diamonds. Matrix enjoys a name of ‘Master Cut’ in the industry.

Since its establishment, Athena ® Cut has won the highest recognition from most renown gemological laboratories in the world for its unique cut and optimised brilliance and fire. Patents have been bestowed for its innovation, a privilege only enjoyed by a few.

HRD Antwerp grades the Athena ® Diamond cut as "excellent"

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