Strictly Selected Rough,
best quality diamonds


Athena ® Cut diamonds are sourced from mines in South Africa, Botswana and
Russia. Only the best in its class have the opportunity to be selected. An
intricate system of clarity, shape and color is applied to ensure the best quality
and most competitive price.



Emergence of a Legend,
Best for Collection


Athena ® Cut is a revolutionary round cut. Different from the single focus of
traditional rounds, its unique S shape showcases ‘Entwined Fiery Hearts’™ visible to
the naked eye. This is the first time ever for a Belgian cut ‘dual-core’ diamond to be
introduced.  In Belgian Lab HRD, Athena ® Cut is grade as ‘Excellent’ cut, the best
quality diamond label any diamond can achieve.

HRD Antwerp grades the Athena ® Diamond cut as "excellent"


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